Geelong residents to remember their flu vaccine

With the current COVID19 climate, it’s easy to forget that influenza still exists.

Experts are predicting that a serious influenza season is just on the horizon. This is due to a combination of factors; the anticipated easing of border restrictions in 2022, at the same time that our preventative behaviours (such as wearing masks, social distancing) begin to reduce.

This will then potentially create a perfect storm of:
 Re-introduction of influenza strains into Australia
 Low levels of community immunity amongst our young vulnerable population
 Less adherence to protective barriers

We are already seeing a shortage of hospital beds due to the pandemic. Giving children a flu vaccination reduces their risk of hospitalisation from the flu, as well as others around them.The flu vaccine is funded for children 6 months to under 5 years of age. Give us a call today to book in!

The flu isn’t like a common cold, it will hit quickly and can last for weeks. Some people can experience serious and devastating outcomes. It is important that we in the community play our part in helping to stop the spread. Please don’t forget your flu shot, protect others and yourself.

To book your flu vaccine either book online 0r ring 5223 9999