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Anjelo Ratnachandra (of Beyond Pain) is an award-winning therapist and a sufferer of chronic pain himself, Beyond Pain specialises in helping people with complex pain, fatigue & mental health disorders, to grow beyond their expectations. He is one of the most experienced therapists in pain and chronic illness in the Greater Geelong region.

We understand that suffering can be both physical & emotional pain, and that’s why he will take the time to understand your situation and help the whole you.

Chronic pain is physically and emotionally exhausting. It can affect your whole life: your personal life, your social life and your work life; your mood, your relationships, and your physical ability: When you’re in pain, you tend to do less and be less active, feel frustrated and/or down, avoid being around people, take your frustration out on your family or yourself, question your ability to do things including work, worry about the future and whether you will manage your next flare up, and often crave for a good night’s sleep.

As chronic pain is invisible, people with chronic pain can feel misunderstood and stigmatised, even by the medical profession. They can lose their status within their family, their community, and experience discrimination in many areas of their lives, including not being able to access health care, education, income and income support. There is a decreased enjoyment of normal activities, loss of function, role change and relationship difficulties.

We can help

Anjelo is renowned for his unique personalised service, and the ability to achieve successful outcomes within a short time period.

He gets that chronic pain affects many aspects of your life. So he addresses the whole you and not just the painful part… this is his strength and what makes him different!

Anjelo works with anyone suffering from pain, fatigue or mental illness. His clients range from CEO’s to factory workers, sports people, stay at home mum’s and retirees. We see people from all walks of life.  For more information about Anjelo visit the beyond pain website

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