Diabetes education at our Geelong health centre

Credentialled Diabetes Educator can educate and monitor clients with pre diabetes, gestational, type 1 , type 2, LADA and Mody on how to test bgl, – target ranges, hypos, hypers, treatment of both hypos and hypers. How to use the blood glucose meter – check to readings and even download the readings to either save or send to a practitioner. Advise basic healthy eating and carb counting for both type 1 and  those type 2 on rapid insulin. Suggest healthy lifestyle and the need to keep active- further education would be with an exercise physiologist. Download Continuous glucose monitoring and evaluate the results and suggest adjustments as needed.  Download pump data and analyse and then suggest changes with the medical practitioner/endocrinologist. Sign clients up for NDSS. Suggest medication/insulin changes, doses, etc to both the client and medical professional. Educated the client on the different medication/injectables /insulin as needed.

Endorsed Nurse practitioner in diabetes can do the above but can prescribe medication as per pbs guidelines. Initiate continuous glucose monitoring devises- order them , educate the client how to use them and  download the information so that treatment can be adjusted for better management. Np’s can initiate pump therapy and adjust pump settings as necessary. Np can initiate insulin therapy , prescribe and adjust insulin as necessary, educate the client re self titration. Np can prescribe medication/injectables/insulin as per pbs guidelines, Order pathology tests as needed. Refer to specialist if deem necessary.

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