Geelong exercise physiologist

Finding an exercise physiologist in Geelong that you can rely on for personalised support is a true gift, but what exactly is exercise physiology and why is it important? Exercise physiology involves the treatment and prevention of exercise injuries and the effect of physical activity on chronic diseases and disabilities, focusing on the specific functional capabilities and overall quality of life of patients.

Exercise physiologist an essential part of Health e Medical Centre allied health services and helps individuals every day manage their psychical activity in the best way possible for them.

At Health e Medical Centre in Geelong, our exercise physiology services are led by qualified exercise physiologists. With strong interests in neuromuscular conditions, motor neuron disease, chronic conditions, and sports and injury management, our team are the ideal allied health professional to see when looking for specialised treatment for your condition.

If you are seeking the expert services of an exercise physiologist in Geelong, please get in touch with Heath e Medical Centre today on 03 5223 9900. We also provide podiatry services to clients in Geelong and have qualified dieticians and psychologists on staff.



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