Nurses and Staff at our Geelong Medical Centre

Practice Nurses:

Sinead (Nurse Manager), Kendall (CNS), Robyn, Megan, Olivia, Clare, Karyn, Allison and Elizabeth are skilled practice nurses.

Our Registered Division 1 Nurses run the treatment area of the Practice and assist the doctors.

Our nurses have up-to-date skills across all the day to day activities and duties involved with the requirements of general practice, including administering immunisations in Geelong.

Appointments for care plans, home health checks and for specific medical conditions are required with both the nurse and doctor.


Vicki (Office Manager), Cassie, Helen, Marie, Debbie, Julie, Roxanne, Jenny, Hannah, Joanna, Teddy, Laura and Lillie

Finance Team:

Vinny and Kristie

General Manager Practice Operations:

Julie-Ann Wuttke