Occupational Medicine and Workplace medicals

Occupational Medicine covers a wide number of disciplines, it centres on the preventive medicine and management of illness, injury or disability that are related to the workplace.

Health e Medical Centre also provides an extensive Pre and Post employment medical service, available on Mondays and Thursdays. The benefit of assessing staff before hire or current employees, enables you to appraise their abilities to perform tasks specifically related to their job and assess any possible future health risks.

This Medical will be conducted with an experienced Nurse and Doctor, which can include:
– Base line audiology (hearing)
– Drug and Alcohol screening
– Spirometry (lung capacity)
– General fitness
– Functional Capacity (physio)
* a number of other tests can be arrange on request

At Health e Medical Centre we can advise you on matters involving occupational health Geelong. Please contact our receptionist on 03 5223 9999 if you would like to discuss your needs further.