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Geelong workplace corporate health wellness medicine

Workplace and corporate wellness  covers a wide number of disciplines, it is about maximizing health in  the workplace through active preventive measures and management of illness, injury or disability that are related to the workplace.

Health e Occupational Solutions provides a comprehensive corporate care program which also includes an extensive pre and post employment medical service.  The benefit of assessing staff before hire or current employees, enables you to appraise their abilities to perform tasks specifically related to their job and assess any possible future health risks.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) confirms that employees who are healthier are more productive and will have less absent days from work.  The essence of our Corporate Wellness Program is the commitment and belief that healthy workers are generally more happy, the care taken to look after staff is an integral part of their overall productivity and ensures that your business becomes and employer of choice in this competitive hiring market.

That is why our team can develop a customized Occupational Solutions and Corporate Wellness Program for your workplace, we can offer services as:

At Health e Occupational Solutions we can advise you on matters involving workplace corporate health and wellness initiatives. Please contact our skilled nurse team on 03 5223 9999 if you would like to discuss your needs further or register you interest in our workplace flu immunisation program.

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