Area of Interest

Samantha Forrsman


Sam has always been interested in the human body, rehabilitation and injury prevention for as long as she can remember. After finishing year 12, Sam decided to complete a bachelor degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement at Victoria University, finishing in 2014. This degree further fueled her passion and Sam decided to further her studies, completing a double degree of Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Physiotherapy practice at La Trobe University.

Through her studies, Sam had the opportunity to complete placements that allowed her to combine her exercise science and physiotherapy knowledge. Sam was involved in developing screening tools and treatments guides, for common injuries in popular adolescent sports, to be implemented in a local Shepparton gym.

Sam has a background in both gymnastics and cheerleading, having competed for 8 years as a gymnast followed by 3 years as a cheerleader, and coaching both sports for a combined total of 8 years. Physiotherapy has had a positive impact on Sam, spending many years receiving treatment herself for numerous injuries sustained through her sports. Physiotherapy allowed Sam to continue in her sports and achieve her goals, including winning AASCF National Championships for level 3-4 university cheerleading stunt group in 2013.

Sam believes that every person is individual and therefore treatment should be tailored to each person to help them best achieve their goals.

To make an appointment with Sam at our Geelong West health clinic, call 03 5223 9900.