Eating your way to a healthier you!


It’s common knowledge that eating unhealthy food can affect your physical health, but did you know recent scientific testing has found it also has negative effects on your emotional wellbeing?

With 50% of women in Australia not happy about how they perceive their bodies and 17% of men fad dieting at any given time, it becomes clear that Australians have a lot of work to do when it comes to our physical and emotional health.

After a long day’s work, we know it can be tempting to order take-away for dinner. When you’re feeling sad, do you reach for the closest comfort food? A majority of Australians do!

By making small changes to your daily routine, you can begin to improve your physical health. As your physical health improves, you will start to feel stronger, more energetic and your mind will become clearer and more focused. Once you start achieving your goals, of course you’re going to be feeling happier as well.

So, where can you start?

By making small changes to your daily routine, you can begin eating healthier and barley notice the difference.

For example, when grocery shopping try doing all of your shopping on one day a week. This not only helps you to plan your meals in advance but can also save you money!

Eat a rainbow! You may have heard this before and wondered why? Eating a range of colourful fruits and vegetables will add a range of antioxidants and minerals to your diet.

If you have the tendency to snack, try keeping more fresh fruit in your house. Fruit such as peaches and apples that can be baked, are a perfect little treat that will always hit your sweet tooth.

For more helpful tips and advice or if you are unsure about the changes you need to make, you could consider seeing a specialist such a Dietitian. Health e Medical Centre together with specialist Dietitian Amy Trotter, offers this service. We can help by assisting you on supermarket tours, menu reviews, health assessments and health/wellbeing sessions or just general questions or queries.

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