Geelong micro ear suction

Are your ears blocked?  Or are you having trouble hearing?

Our friendly trained nurses are all accredited in micro ear suction & available to gently and effectively clear ear wax, foreign bodies and infective debris from your ears using micro suction technology.

Micro suction is a gentle, safe and dry ear cleaning method preferred by Audiologists, GPs and ENT specialist doctors.

Whilst it is normal for ears to contain wax and to be capable of self-cleaning, the ears can become blocked with wax, or other debris.  The skin cells within your canal work like a conveyor belt to move the wax out BUT using cotton buds, wearing hearing aids, or other behaviours such as swimming can affect your ear’s ability to clean itself. The shape of some people’s ears, and their wax production can make them more prone to blockages than others.

You may also find that being exposed to dusty and loud environments can also cause blocked ears. If your ears are blocked by wax, foreign matter or have infected debris that requires removal contact Health e Medical Centre and book your appointment with our experienced nurse team to have it removed!

We do recommend using wax softening drops (such as Waxsol or Ear Clear) for 3 days prior to the appointment to help assist with easy removal of the wax. Drops are available at your local chemist.

We use a gold standard microscope designed specifically for ear, nose & throat procedures, to assess your ear canals and remove wax or other foreign bodies safely.

No referral is required. New patients welcome.

Our out of pocket cost for Micro Ear Suctions (uncomplicated removal) is:

$90 Private

$65 Concession/Pensioner

If removal is complicated, or the ear appears infected with a bacterial or fungal infection, one of our friendly doctors will discuss treatment options with you.

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