Psychology Week

Psychology Week is an annual initiative of the Australian Psychological Society that aims to increase public awareness of how psychology can help Australians lead healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

Each day this week we will be bring you information on psychology and mental health. It is so important were normalise talking about mental health, even more so because of the impact of Covid 19.

  • 696,000 people are out of work
  • There has been a 77% increase in calls to Beyond Blue
  • Since March, 135,400 young Victorians (aged 15-19 years old) have lost their job, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • The number of people hospitalised after attempting suicide is currently up 6% on last year. For those aged 17 and under, the number is up 31.3%, according to The Australian

So take this opportunity to check in on a friend, ask them how they are going.

If you feel that you might need help support or guidance you can reach out to one of GP’s or our Psychologist. If you are looking for additional resources and information Beyond blue has a list of resources here¬†and Movember here.