Services provided by your medical clinic Geelong

Health e Medical Centre

Did you know that Health e Allied Services is located in the same premises and is a Geelong health clinic that provides services such as physiotherapy and Lymphoedema Therapy?  Contact them on 03 5223 9900 for an appointment with one of their practitioners.

Immunisations for children

At Health e Medical Centre we are very aware that for some children (and their parents), injections and childhood immunisations can be a stressful time.  Our lovely nurses are highly trained and skilled at dealing with these situations and will do their best to put everyone at ease!  Please do not hesitate to talk to our receptionists or the...
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Seasonal Flu Influenza Vaccination

The following groups are eligible for free government supplied seasonal influenza vaccine: 65 years of age and over Children under 5 years of age Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy Indigenous people 15 years of age and over Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities Any person 6 months of age and...
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Geelong Pre-employment and Post-employment medicals

Occupational medicine which encompasses Pre and post employment medicals are a vital component when hiring new staff in any business.  At times is is also necessary to assess existing staff’s ability to perform general or specific tasks that are important to their job.  Of a newer trend there are also circumstances where a post-employment medical...
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Micro Ear Suction

Are your ears blocked?  Or are you having trouble hearing? Our friendly trained nurses are available to gently and effectively clear ear wax, foreign bodies and infective debris from your ears using micro suction technology. Micro suction is a gentle, safe and dry ear cleaning method preferred by Audiologists, GP’s and ENT specialist doctors. Whilst...
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General Practice Services

At Health e Medical Centre our Doctors are highly trained and dedicated professionals who offer a friendly and comprehensive standard of care to all of our patients. Your Doctor is usually the first point of contact you will have with the medical profession when you are unwell and we want you to be confident in...
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Women’s Health

At Health e Medical we understand that some of our patients appreciate their care being undertaken by a female practitioner, we have three female Doctors to accommodate this need Dr Alison Maiden, Dr Frances Maxwell and Dr Saira Wali. We also offer other services such as testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIS), sexual health, contraception advice including...
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Men’s Health

If you have any specific concerns that you would prefer to discuss with a male doctor, please do not hesitate to talk to our receptionists and let them know your preference.  We have a number of male doctors at our practice who are specially trained to deal with issues regarding men’s health. For an appointment...
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Travel Vaccinations in Geelong

Travel Immunisations All travel medicine requires an initial consultation with your doctor to determine which vaccines are required for your particular destination. Health e Medical Centre is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination centre and most vaccinations are held on site at the practice and can be given at the time of appointment. To make an enquiry regarding immunisations or to...
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Our doctors and nursing staff are specially trained to deal with all concerns involving young babies and children, from health and wellbeing issues to immunisations.  Dr Bahgat Bassili has a special interest in paediatrics. For an appointment with Dr Bassili or any of our Geelong GPs, please call us on 03 5223 9999.

Sports Medicine

For any queries you have regarding sporting injuries or preventative care, both Health e Medical and Health e Allied Services offer practitioners to help you with any concerns you may have. Our Geelong health clinic offers appointments 5 days a week, including services such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, diabetic educators, audiologists and dietitians.  At our medical centre Geelong, you can trust in the Doctors and specialists we have...
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Geelong Workplace Corporate Health Solutions

Workplace and Corporate Wellness  covers a wide number of disciplines, it is about maximizing health in  the workplace through active preventive measures and management of illness, injury or disability that are related to the workplace. Health e Medical Centre provides a comprehensive corporate care program which also includes an extensive Pre and Post employment medical...
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Mirena IUD Clinic

In Australia, two thirds of all women aged between 18 and 49 use one of the various methods of contraception. There are many different kinds of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent contraception and with so many options it can be difficult to decide which one would work best for your lifestyle. Ideally we would all like...
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