Joseph Smith

Area of Interest

Special Interests

Persistent & Chronic Pain: Helping you navigate the challenges and get back to the movement you love.

Lower limb injuries: Acute and long-term management; specifically groin, hip pain, ankle injuries, ACL/MCL knee injuries, and grumpy tendons. Joseph loves to keep you moving.

Rehabilitation post-injury or operative care.

Management of sporting and musculoskeletal injuries. Helping the injured athlete, and aging athlete, get back to activity pain-free.

Joseph Smith


Joseph brings a personalised approach to physiotherapy, blending hands-on techniques with tailored exercise plans.

Growing up on a Carpendeit dairy farm instilled in Joseph a strong work ethic and a deep respect for the human body. He brought that dedication to Melbourne, where he earned his Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne. With a Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology under his belt, Joseph is a whiz at understanding how your body works and getting it back in top shape.

Joseph has a deep passion for and respect for persistent pain and is passionate about helping people get back to the movements they love doing.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior tackling the trails or a desk warrior battling back pain, Joseph’s your guy. He’s got experience in orthopaedic rehabilitation, community health, and high-level sports. From ACL tears to nagging groin or hip pain, Joseph knows how to work with you to help you get moving again.

When Joseph’s not helping you conquer your aches and pains, you’ll find him on the footy field or sinking hoops on the basketball court. He’s also a big fan of a good book, a relaxed hang with friends, and fresh air.

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